Joining Michigan Mock Trial – At a Glance

Keep an eye out for us at Festifall! Michigan Mock Trial will have a table at Festifall on Thursday, September 10 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on the Diag, where we will be handing out flyers, answering questions, giving out candy, and just chatting with people. Make sure to stop by and get a flyer with important meeting information!

Mass Meeting Information

Sunday, September 13 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in Forum Hall (Palmer Commons)

Monday, September 14 from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm in Auditorium B (Angell Hall)

You only have to come to ONE mass meeting, and you sign up for your try-out slot at the mass meeting. See you there!

Tournament Update!

Regionals at Notre Dame and Joliet (February 14th-15th and 21st-22nd)

Teams 1498 and 1499 competed at their regional tournament hosted by Notre Dame Feb. 14th-15th.  Team 1498 finished third with an impressive 7-1 record and qualified for ORCS!  Team finished with an honorable mention and a great record of 5-3.  They missed out of qualifying for ORCS by 2 OCS points (it was very very close).  Congrats to them and all the hard work they put into this season.  Finishing that well is something to be truly proud of!  Both teams even walked away with some individual awards.  Sophomore Jane Fisher won an attorney award on the plaintiff with 17 ranks.  Junior Mike Mehary won a witness award on the plaintiff with 18 ranks.  Freshmen Jessie Ojeda won a witness award with a PERFECT 20 ranks, even though it was her first time playing that witness! WOW!

Team 1497 traveled to Joliet, Illinois to compete at regionals this past weekend, Feb. 21st-22nd. Finishing in 4th place with an awesome record of 7-1, they also qualified for ORCS!  Sophomore Laura Brodkin also won an attorney award on the plaintiff with 19 ranks.

Great great job to everyone and good luck to those moving forward!

The Downtown and Big Red Invitational Classic at NYU and Cornell University (January 24th-25th)

Team 1497 headed to the Big Apple to compete at The Downtown, an annual tournament hosted by New York University and teams 1498 and 1499 headed to Cornell University to compete at the Big Red Invitational.  Team 1497 had a fun weekend competing against NYU, Northwood University, Brown University, and UVa and seeing SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!  Junior Zy Li even walked away with an attorney award!  Teams 1498 and 1499 had great rounds competing against teams like University of Chicago.  Junior Mike Mehary walked away with a witness award with 18 ranks!

Congrats to our award winners on an amazing job and great way to end the invitational season!

Polar Bear Invitational at Ohio Northern University (January 17th-18th)

Ohio Northern University held their annual Polar Bear Invitational on Jan. 17th-18th. The University of Michigan sent three teams that did an incredible job.  Team 1497 finished in second place a record of 6-2 record against.  Team 1498 also finished with a record of 6-2.  Team 1499 finished with a record of 3-4-1. We also walked away with some individual awards!  Freshman Ethan Miles won his first attorney award with an awesome 16 ranks.  Junior Kaveri Sharma won an attorney award on the defense with a perfect 20 ranks!!  Sophomore Laura Brodkin also won an attorney award on the plaintiff with 20 ranks as well!  Don’t forget about our witnesses.  Junior Shannon King won a witness award with 19 ranks!

What a fabulous way to start off our winter season! Great work to everyone on all three teams!

2014 Invitational Season Results!

Tobacco Road Invitational at Duke University 

Team 1497 travelled 11 long hours to Durham, NC to compete at the 9th annual Tobacco Road Invitational hosted by Duke University.  After competing in some awesome rounds against Florida State University, Ohio State University, George Washington University, and the host school Duke University, team 1497 walked away with an impressive record of 6-2 and finished in third place!  Junior Kaveri Sharma won an attorney award on the defense with 18 ranks and sophomore Laura Brodkin won an attorney award on the plaintiff with 19 ranks!

Congrats to team 1497 for the great showing at ToRo!

Great Lakes Invitational (November 8th-19h)

Eastern Michigan University held their 4th annual Great Lakes Invitational on Nov. 8th – 9th. The University of Michigan sent two teams that did an incredible job.  Team 1498 finished in FIRST PLACE with an impressive 7-1 record against Ohio Northern University, Michigan State University, UCLA, and University of Pittsburgh.  Team 1497 finished with a record of 4-4 after competing against Michigan State University, UCLA, University of Chicago, and Indiana University.  We also walked away with some individual awards!  Senior Alex Sholtz won an attorney award on the plaintiff with an awesome 19 ranks.  Junior Adam Karabatakis won an attorney award on the defense with 18 ranks.  In his second tournament, freshman Gabe Slater also won an attorney award on the plaintiff with 19 ranks!  Don’t forget about our witnesses.  Sophomore Jane Fisher won a witness award on the plaintiff with 18 ranks.  Also in his second tournament, freshman Garret Burton won a witness award on the plaintiff with 19 ranks.

Great job to everyone who performed so well this weekend, we are so proud of our teammates and their performance this weekend.

Great American Mock Trial Invitational in Washington, DC (November 1st-2nd)

Congratulations to our team who competed at GAMTI November 1st and 2nd!

Our team competing in Washington D.C. faced tough competition at GAMTI. Although each round was a nail biter, Michigan’s mock trial team performed impressively, taking two ballots from the University of New Mexico and Georgetown University.  We even walked away with an individual award!  Senior Joe Moeller won a witness award of the plaintiff with an awesome 27 ranks!

Scarlet and Grey Invitational at Ohio State University (October 25th-26th)

Teams 1497 and Team 1498 traveled to Columbus, OH for their first tournament of the season at the Scarlet and Grey Invitational from October 25th – 26th.  Team 1498 finished with a record of 5-3 after competing against Northwood University, University of Chicago, University of Tennessee, and Elon University.  Team 1497 hit the Bellarmine University, Elon University, Ohio State University, and the University of Cincinnati, finishing 4-4 overall.  Our teammates took home a number of individual awards. Junior Kaveri Sharma took home an attorney award with 18 ranks on the plaintiff.  Junior Adam Karabatakis also took home an award as a witness with 19 ranks on the plaintiff.  Sophomore Shamila Ashraf won a witness award on the plaintiff with 16 ranks. Congratulations to everyone who competed at OSU! Everyone did an incredible job!



Mock Trial Employment Law

Mock trial is an excellent resource for students who are pre-law or who want to further develop their leadership and public speaking abilities. Many students who join mock trial and are active within the organization don’t go on to practice law. That is because mock trial prepares students in rhetoric and persuasion through a legal forum; providing a rigid structure and set of rules in which students are allowed to argue cases. The mock trial structure allows students to develop critical thinking skills across a broad range of subjects and requires them to be able to analyze critical information and translate that into a suitable argument for the courtroom.

One type of case that students in Mock trial might come across are civil actions or proceedings in the form of employment law. Employment law generally refers to laws and regulations set up between employers and employees. In the United States, the general rule for all employment is what is known as “Employment at Will”, which basically states that employees are hired on an “at will” basis and can be terminated, leave employment or discontinue working for any reason or no reason at any time with or without any type of notice. The exceptions to this rule come in when there is an agreement, usually in writing, stating exceptions to this rule. It is important to note, that even an employee handbook with stated rules can be an exception to this rule. In addition, most states recognize public policy exceptions and employers that terminate employment based on prohibited discriminatory reasons can create liability.

Other laws and regulations within the United States also provide certain benefits to employees. While medical insurance, vacation time, severance pay and retirement pay or pensions are popular with many companies, they are in no way required benefits that employers must provide. Rather, federal Fair Labor Standards Act mandates general outlines for how an employer/employee relationship may exist. Employees and employers can’t simply agree to work for a stated amount over a period of time, the law may still mandate certain payments of overtime and other restrictions and employers found violating employment laws are subject to significant penalties.

As you can see, Employment Law can be a bit of a tricky subject. If your team has a mock trial case dealing with the wrongful termination of an employee in San Francisco, the details of the case, the laws and regulations within the state of California and local districts of San Francisco and the previously defined relationship between employee and employer are all details that need to be taken carefully into account. Successfully arguing a mock trial case requires proper analysis of all aspects of the case and a well-developed argument that clearly defines your position within the definitions of the law.